College football leaders: No playoff expansion (yet)

College Football Playoff power brokers finished a round of meetings Monday to discuss the possible expansion of the event’s format. And just like the last couple of times, no consensus was reached in Indianapolis.”Have you ever seen the movie ‘Groundhog Day?'” Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby asked rhetorically following the negotiations.Officials have fallen into a deadlock over particulars of expansion following reports surfacing last summer indicating substantial movement toward a 12-team playoff model from the current four-team one.The brakes were pumped on that model shortly thereafter. Since that point, debate has circled the size of the proposed expansion and many of its other particulars.A new model would require unanimous consent among officials of the 10 Football Bowl Subdivision conferences along with a representative from Notre Dame.The current sticking points remain automatic qualifiers — whether a team can earn its way in by reaching benchmarks such as conference titles — how the bowls will end up being involved, payout particulars and athlete welfare.Last June’s proposal included the country’s six highest ranked conference champions as well as the country’s six next-highest ranked teams.Reports from multiple outlets suggest an expansion could be worth over $450 million in additional revenue for the sport.