Izzo out of isolation, set to coach No. 13 Spartans in opener

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is out of quarantine and back on the Spartans’ bench as the season opener approaches Wednesday.Izzo, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 9, returned to practice for the first time Monday, exactly two weeks after learning of his test results. No. 13 Michigan State confirmed later in the day that Izzo would begin his 26th season as the team’s head coach on the sideline, not in isolation.”While some people who have tested positive have not been affected too much by it, I am here to tell you that this virus is no joke and everyone must take this seriously,” Izzo said in a statement.Associate coach Dwayne Stephens ran practices while Izzo was away and limited to viewing live streams of practices.”It was hard for me to be away from my team and our players, but I also understood the challenges associated with this virus and the need for me to isolate and follow proper protocol to ensure that I was healthy enough to return to work,” Izzo said.